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JD L120 Drive belt problem!!

16 years ago

2002, John Deere L120 with 48" deck. Nicknamed "PC" (problem child) Maybe some of you unfortunate enough to own one these can help me. The other day the little lady informed me that ÂPCÂ had quit again. I pushed it in the shop and found the drive belt had came off the transmission pulley and chewed up the cooling fan! I installed a new fan, drive belt, and the two idler pulleys ( they were a little stiff ). Course it took JD dealer 3 days to get all the parts! I turned everything a few revs by hand, to be sure it all moved freely. Started it up, and backed it off my ramps to replace the deck. It made a racket and tiny bits of belt were all over the floor. (So much for the new belt) The belt is all frayed along the inside of the belt, worse than the old one.. I canÂt see anything wrong. The belt is installed just like it should be. I even down loaded the image and took it under the mower with me. I ran it while up on the ramps, it appears the problem it at the idler pulleys. One of the keepers seem to be digging into the belt. But it has the same clearance as the other keepers on the mower. None of the keepers looked bent or damaged? Double checked that I had the correct pulleys, since they are different sizes, they canÂt be mixed up. Checked the size of the new pulleys and the bearing, all is good!

Has anyone else had this problem?

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