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Kawasaki FJ180V-AS04 engine control

16 years ago

MTD Pro with 6.5 hp engine.

Someone borrowed one of my mowers. I heard it sat out in rain all winter.

The control handle would not lay down against the handle bar for starting. I kept squirting WD40 down the cable and fooling with the control handle until I broke the plastic control housing #13 which holds the cable housing in place while the inner cable moves. Then I found that the cable slides freely inside the housing.

The pivot bracket #76, I think, down on the motor end of the cable, only moves 1/2 inch or less when I try to pull the control handle to the handle bar . There appears to be a limit tab for the pivot bracket on the control arm #78 which indicates that the pivot bracket should move over an inch. If it were to move at least one inch then the control handle should lay against the handle bar.

My questions is: Should the pivot bar move farther? It hits a stop. Is this stop just a ground or is this stop the engine timing which should move? The mower starts with only the 1/2 inch movement of the pivot bar but runs like 5,000 rpm. That is why I think the stop that the pivot bar hits may be the timing and should move.

I am down to removing the bolt out of the flywheel to remove the cover where maybe I can see what is stopping the pivot bar. Or maybe not. Help please.

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