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Patches of lawn laying down

9 years ago

I live in Maryland and have a Tall Fescue lawn. I mow at 2-3 inches and bag. I only water during dry spells, and then only once a week and deeply. So far this season nature has provided plenty of rain. I generally fertilize with the Scotts program but skip the summer feeding. During the moist transition from spring to summer I spray the lawn with Immunox a couple times to prevent fungal diseases. Soil PH is good. Over the years I've run into this problem where in certain spots the grass will start turning light green, the blades will become fine, and will lay flat. Mowing doesn't lift and cut the blades, and after a few mowings, I can run my fingers through these spots and lift the blades, and they have become very long and thin-bladed,, and their mid sections are straw colored and the ends are still green. Eventually these spots will die, and then I can easily pull the grass out. There is no cotton or powder or webbing. Sometimes I think the Immunox has helped but now I'm not so sure as it is persisting. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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