Uh oh, a New Addiction, Heritage Apples!

sunnibel7 Md 7
9 years ago

Oh lordy. I spent a little money on a sampler of heritage apples from Tree-mendus Fruit because I want to add a couple of trees to our property and I don't want anymore Fuji or Gala. The sampler seemed like a good way to help figure out which ones might be to our tastes and Gary was very helpful talking to me about picking out ones that might fare well down here without too much trouble. That was Monday.

Today they've arrived, and I opened the box. I ate one. Oh, yeah. That is more like I remember from walking through the wild orchards where I grew up. But now I want to try them all! And then the problem is that I only got 10 types... But he has 190 others at least! I told my family after I ordered about it and my Mom fondly remembered an apple from her parents' trees that she loved, Snow Apple, and my Dad reminded me of the Maiden Blush apples we used to make a special 3 mile hike through the woods to go pick for pies. And then my brother, who had just gone to the Geneva Experiment Station, told me how much he really liked the Esopus Spittzenburg... None of those are in my sampler. Do I need to order another one? Oh, maybe, yes... Maybe. Yes. Oh, this could get exspensive!

Anyway, if you're curious, I did get Chesnut Crab (I requested that one after reading many good comments on it here), Calville Blanc d'Hiver (I requested that because of its description), Black Gilliflower (another one remembered from the wild orchards), Dr. Matthews, Blenheim Orange, Pink Pearl, Baldwin, Arkansas Black, Belle de Boskoop, and Cherry Cox. Woohoo, can't wait to get my husband here to sample with me!

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