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Too late to plant grass seed for summer?

16 years ago

I have an xs yard (.03 acres) in Northern VA (Prince William County) that's in need of serious help. My lawn is full of dead grass, brown patches and clover (see attached pictures--my son lost my camera, so I had to take these with my camera phone). During the 1st week in May, I planted Scotts Pure Premium Tall Fescue grass seeds. In some areas, the seeds didn't germinate at all. In other areas, the seeds germinated, but have started to wither. In the areas where there is part shade, the seeds have fully germinated, and are doing really well. After reading some of the discussions here, it seems like I should have overseeded this past fall, but didn't. I'm wondering if there is any seed that I can plant now that will survive the summer temperatures?? Scotts has a "Pure Premium Heat Tolerant Blue" that is supposedly good for the heat...anyone have any experience with this? Also, can anyone recommend a good seed to overseed with this fall? If this helps, I had a soil test done last year, and the results are as follows:

Soil pH 4.8

P ( lb/A) 155 VH

K (lb/A) 176 H-

Ca (lb/A) 1948 H+

Mg (lb/A) 578 VH

Zn (ppm) 3.3 SUFF

Mn (ppm) 12.4 SUFF

Cu (ppm) 1.3 SUFF

Fe (ppm) 29.6 SUFF

B (ppm) 0.2 SUFF

Crop: Bluegrass, Fescue (202)

Fertilizer Recommendations: Use any complete "turf-type" fertilizer

Lime Recommendations: Apply 205 pounds of agricultural limestone (ground or pulverized) per 1000 sq feet in several small applications up to 50 lbs each, at intervals of 1 to 6 months, until the full amount is applied.

Since last year, I've been following the Scotts annual rotation program (Turfbuilder w/Halts, Turfbuilder Summerguard, etc). My lawn looks a little better (believe it or not), but I'm still having a problem with clovers, brown patches and dead grass. Also, last week I did fertilize with Miracle-Gro lawn fertilizer (not sure exactly which one). And, I have NOT applied any limestone.

Sorry for such a long email, I'm trying not to leave out anything. Let me know, however, if I need to provide any add'l info. To recap, my questions are:

1. Is there any seed that I can plant now that will survive the summer temperatures?

2. Does anyone have any experience (good or bad) with the "Scotts Pure Premium Heat Tolerant Blue", which is supposedly good for the heat?

3. Can anyone recommend a good seed to overseed with this fall?

4. Any other recommendations / maintenance plan based on what I've stated above?

One last thing, I don't have a preference between chemical and organic...honestly, I don't know enough about either to prefer one over the other.




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