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Self-propelled Toro, Lawn Boy, Honda, or JD?

17 years ago

What self-propelled mower (Toro, Lawn Boy, Honda, JD) is the best for a small Camp? I run a Camp that is hilly enough that a tractor mower is dangerous. Due to hills, however, it is important to have a SP mower to get the mowing done. I hire local teens to assist with the maintenance, and they are responsible for the mowing. We are mostly under trees, so the consolidated mowing area is generally only several acres, and rarely flat and straight. Only the soccer field is flat and straight. The archery range is straight but not flat. Since we are mostly under trees, we don't have vast fields to mow.

I have reviewed Consumer Reports, and I have read several threads that have helped a great deal. I have learned:

1.) Variable speed is good so a faster pace is possible for faster terrain.

2.) Personal Pace (and related technology) is not good for obstacles. I will need to push/pull in several situations.

3.) The splash process for lubricating is okay, but the pressurized process is better when the terrain is hilly and the mower is frequently tilted. (Is this really a high priority?)

4.) Not all mowers are durable. They expect to be mowing lawns by older adults instead of teenagers who yank them around our may run over items that should be avoided.

My additional requirements include:

5.) Especially in the beginning of the season, the grass might be high. The mower should be able to handle relatively tall grass. Once cut the first time, the grass length will be normal.

6.) I would rather buy two mowers than one very expensive one. I can get more work done with two teenagers working at the same time.

7.) If repairs are necessary, I want the engine to be common enough that finding a repair shop is easy.

Perhaps you can help me?

Thanks in advance for the advice.

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