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Toro vs Lawn-Boy (mulch vs bag)

15 years ago

Hello, I'm new to the Lawn Mowers Forum but spend quite a bit of time on the Snow Blower Forum a few years back.

I've got my new lawnmower choices down to two. I think.

I'm looking at the Lawn-Boy Platinum 10765 and the Toro SR4 20092. They both run $499 locally.

I'm looking for opinions on how well the Toro bags and how well the Lawn-Boy mulches. I know their strengths are the opposite, but as I do both I need a good all-around machine.

On the Toro, I like the easy-clean deck idea. It also seems to roll better than the Lawn-Boy, although I have read that when in use the Lawn-Boy actually rolls a bit better backwards.

On the Lawn-Boy, I like the quick fold handle and the inset wheels, and the salesman said it had a better transmission. It did not have grease zerks though, and the wheels brackets didn't look as sturdy. I know it's not a "real" Lawn-Boy but it seems to be a good machine.

I've also considered the Snapper SE series, but I'm not convinced these made-for-Sears models are high quality.

My yard is 1/3 acre and flat. My current mower is not self-propelled and I don't really need that myself but I want something the wife can use in a pinch.

I'm also wondering if the SR4 and Platinum series mowers are still made in the US? I know a lot of their manufacturing was moved to Mexico. I'd prefer to buy American, so I'm not all that interested in Honda even though they make some great products.

Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions are appreciated. This will be my first premium mower and I want to make sure I'm spending my money wisely.



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