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Can I grow fruit trees on the slope of a drainage ditch?

9 years ago

I know this sounds like a bazaar question. I have a huge drainage ditch with one not so steep slope and one steep slope. It's what I call full full sun. Southeast.

It is a large area to just leave bare, and I don't have a lot of full sun on my acre property. I want to grow dwarf fruit trees. Could I plant them on the not-so-steep slope? I will have to dig out a rather large area for each tree, amend the soil, and use retaining wall stone around the low side of the hole, so the tree will get enough water. The slopes of the ditch are dry! So is the bottom of it, except during torrential rains in spring, tornado season. Won't be planting any fruit trees in the bottom of it.

Will this work?! Would love your thoughts. Often I post and get no responses.

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