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New Bermuda sod going yellowish brown after 2 weeks

9 years ago

So brand new to this forum. I was looking at old postings but could not find a direct answer. I just had a house built. A bermuda grass was used in the rear. The installer also installed a type of polyemer that helps retain mostiure. I have been watering it to his schedule. Every other day for about a half hour (using a wand style hose sprinkler). The Sod was really green at first but now it is starting to go yellowish brown. I have two squares that I know pretty much died although some green is coming through again. I spent money to get this done and I have never dealt with sod (first new house). I did not do an automatic sprinkler because my yard is way to small. The parts that the wand cannot get too I water by hand. Does grass go into shock like this since it was dug up then put back down and rolled? I can post pics in a little bit as I assume that would help. I have pulled up corners and the soild benith the sod is moiste and there are roots coming through, not many but roots are coming throught the sod.

Second question, the builder did the front yard and did the single most grayish sod ever. Not one spec of green. I complained, they now tell me they will install new grass but after watering it for 2 weeks green is coming through. I spent money to get the front pulled (next day after initiall install) to get the polyemer applied. Should I just keep going with this crap they gave me or should I just say install new stuff?

I have tried calling the the land scapper but he does not really contact me back, first because I don't think he likes me and secondly he did tell me he is know going through a family issue. Any help would be great!

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