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Lawn Maintenance Company Killed My Lawn?

Matt K
8 years ago

I just laid Floratam St. Augustine six days ago. I called a lawn maintenance company to set up their first visit for July. After clarifying multiple times that my lawn is brand new and that no one should come until July, they came today and applied pesticide, weed control, and fertilizer. I'm not as concerned about the pesticide and fertilizer but I'm afraid the weed control will kill my new lawn. They blanket applied Manor (metsulfuron-methyl) at a rate of .0100 OZ / 1000 sq ft. Will my lawn survive? Is there anything I can do to help it at this point? If my lawn dies, I will pursue legal action. This company is absolutely incompetent. I clarified multiple times to delay their first visit because it was new sod. Then, their "specialist" did a "free lawn analysis" and failed to identify the obvious signs that it was new sod.

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