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Specific Snapper HiVac vs. Toro SR Question

12 years ago

I'm new to this forum but after reading everything I could Google, I'm still unable to make a completely informed decision. I live in Iowa and have a bluegrass and fine fescue lawn so I would really appreciate experience with those. I bag in early spring and fall, and mulch between. My debate is between a Toro Super Recycler and a Snapper HiVac. Obviously the Toro is the better mulcher and the Snapper is the bagger, but what about the opposite. How well does the snapper mulch with the ninja blade and how well does the toro bag? I have been leaning towards the Snapper but I'll be mulching 80% of the time, and that darn Toro reputation... Can the Snapper 700 series HiVac with a Ninja blade match the Toro for mulching?

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