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new sod turning yellow - help!

10 years ago

Sunday evening I got a call, that a family member had 2 pallets of Sod left over from their yard they sodded that weekend. I I went over and got some; and laid the sod as they recommended (I have never laid sod before). More or less, I had a few tire tracks I was filling in around back and a spot out in front of our porch (dog dug a few holes and we filled them in). Roughly about 25-30 roles.

I watered the area really good that night, since our yard was dry. I used a fan sprinkler in each area for about 30+ minutes each. The next day it got around 85ð and the sod started to yellow in patches.

In fear I would forget to water the lawn, since its getting near a holiday weekend. I went to Walmart and got an Orbit 2 station timer and setup 3 in-sprinklers in the front and 2 in the rear. I have the sprinklers set to run at 6:30 AM and PM for 20 min cycles. By the end of 20 minutes the ground is saturated, but NO ponding.The sprinklers are more misters. If I remembor correctly they are Nelson Rain Systems, which have 3 inline sprinklers and 2 15' sections of hose in the box.

Today (Tue) some sections look better and other sections look worst. Not sure what the issue is, since I am new to this. We did get 1" plus rain last night, and temps today are around 88-90ð

Another thing that may make a difference is I laid this sod directly over the ground. Before laying I did take a rake and rough the existing ground/grass up, but some sections were partially grassed. I did not role it with a weighted roller, but did try to make sure it had a solid fit to the ground.

The sections that are shaded by the porch or house seem to be doing the best, but its really hit or miss. Should I add some fertilizer, get fungus stuff, slow down on the watering or just keep doing what I have been? If it continues to proceed like it has been, the grass will be dead!

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