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Toro, Lawn-Boy, Ariens, Honda - which one?

16 years ago

I am looking to get a new mower in the next few weeks. I made the trip to the local lawn mower dealers and narrowed it down to the following five. Wanted to get some input from people that have used these machines.

Toro - 20056 (Super Recycler w/ 6.5 HP B&S LHV)

Toro - 20057 (Super Recycler w/ 6.75 HP B&S OHV)

Lawn-Boy - 10797 (Insight Platinum w/ 5.5 HP Honda)

Ariens - LM21S (w/6 HP Kawasaki)

Honda - HRX217HXA (w/6.5 HP Honda)

They all have some differences... price, blade stop, deck material, drive system, engine brand, engine type, engine hp, etc.

I want a mower that will...

- Last for 10 years or more

- Parts... like bags and things for the mower... not as worried about getting parts for the engine

- Mulch... has to mulch well

- Leaves... has to take care of leaves well as I bag a ton of leaves in the fall... 10 big brown paper yard waste bags each week

- Bag changes... needs to be easy to remove the bag, empty the bag, and put the bag back on... as messing with the bag during a battle with the leaves is a real pain.

- Sturdiness... has to be built well... my old mower seemed to be weak in the handle and attachment to the mower base... handle was always loosey/goosey.

Those of you that have the following on your mower... what's your user experience?

- blade stop

- xenoy/plastic deck

- aluminum deck

- personal pace drive system

- sens-a-speed

Side note... I have a Ariens Snow Blower... 926 Pro... with a Tecumseh Snow King... great snow blower... best I have owned... built like a tank... nothing fancy... but easy to operate and work on... lots of heavy duty metal parts... not plastic ones that break off.

Thanks in advance for the input and feedback.

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