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Engine Replacement - Part Deux

16 years ago

Some of you may recall my naive questions regarding replacing the engine of my 1986 Snapper HiVac.

Well, I did it. I purchased a GCV160 and the extra parts (I had some idea what I needed from the helpful advice on this board).

I spent 1hr45min this evening pulling out the old engine and installing the new. I had to drill two holes in the Snapper body to get it to fit. I switched the cutoff cable from the right side to the left, and wiggled and sweated.

I then went to add oil. Ah, here is an unanticipated situation. The grass discharge chute for the bagger blocks the oil filler tube. A long skinny funnel worked around that problem.

I then added gas and attempted to pull start. I pulled and pulled. Then I realized the spark plug hadn't been connected. So I did that.

I pulled. I pulled. Vroom!

I can't believe it works. LOTS more power. I still have some adjusting and tweaking to do but it appears it will work.

You may all congratulate me now.

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