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How far would you go with your push mower?

11 years ago

I bought a property on 3 acres, part field and part grass. The grass part has trees, slope and ditches. I'm planning to plant a lot of shrubs, trees and flower beds, as well as a vegetable garden. I moved here late in the Summer last year and mowed my lawn with a very heavy and old push mower, big job and it took me 3h30 each time. The grass here grows very fast and at times you have to cut it twice a week.

My budget is limited. My question is...should I buy the cheapest lawn tractor I could get or, considering all the obstables I'm going to have eventually with all my 'plantation', do you think a self-propelled lawn mower could last, considering the acre and a half of grass I have to do?

Are they folks on this forum who mow a considerable amount of lawn with a push mower? and if so what is the size of your land your mowing and for what reason are you using a push mower instead of a ride-on tractor.

Thanks for your input!


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