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Toro 20066 vs 20073 vs LawnBoy 10685 - help decide

15 years ago

Please help me decide which mower to get. I have close to 1/2 an acre, with a moderate hill to mow. I plan on using the mulch setting rather than bagging.

I am looking at the Toro 20066 recycler vs the Lawn-Boy 10685 insight. HD also has the toro 20073, though I don't find that model on the toro websight. Any thoughts on these? (I am not willing to spend the extra for the super-recycler)....

The toro 20066 is an inch wider (a plus) and has a Briggs 6.75HP engine. The Toro 20073 at HD is the same price, but has a 6.5 HP Tecumseh engine - which engine is better? I can't tell if there are any differences besides the engine for these two mowers.

The LawnBoy is an inch narrow (21 vs 22in) and has the Tecumseh 6.5 hp engine.

Is there a difference in the mulching ability between these mowers?

Is there a difference in the functionality of the personal pace a sense-a-speed mechanisms (does one work better or is one more comfortable to use)?

Is there a difference in reliability between the toro and lawnboy (I realize that toro owns lawnbody, but one may still be higher quality than the other).

I would appreciate any feedback anyone has to offer.

Thanks, Albert

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