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Hope for severely pruned apricot tree?

11 years ago

This large tree is owned by a renter who physically could not keep up with massive amount of cots on her two trees, and the resulting mess in her yard. A new trailer was moved in onto the lot next to hers that had been vacant all year, and the tree towered over it, the branches scraping the sides, windows, etc.

Many of us picked as many as we could reach, and then she decided to have it pruned so that "all the green was gone".

The mgr wasn't too pleased, and she was worried that she had killed it. I told her it would grow new green in Spring.

A month later, it has new growth so we know it's not dead. But I would like to know how it SHOULD be pruned, and WHEN?

She would like to see it only about 8ft tall.

Actually, you can see in the background the other cot tree that she also would like to see manageable.


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