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Poa Annua and other grasses

10 years ago

My wife and I purchased and old farm about 4-5 years back. Then, the entire yard was weeds. I've spent the last few years fighting them and am confident in claiming victory with the exception on annua poa. While there is not nearly as much as there was before by any means, I can't stand it when it goes to seed. I have these questions for the helpful folks here.

* The spots I have are relatively small now. Say 1'*1' or so. Can I simply hand pull the seeds? Yes, I know there are dormant seeds in the base. But will this help? There are few enough spots I could do this at this time of year as the seed stems come up quite easily. I know I could dig to find the base, but seems easier for me to just pull the heads since it's an annual.

* I've been reseeding with high quality seed for 3 years now and the difference is VERY noticeable. Nearly no poa vs. 90+ % poa previously. I know the poa seeds still sit there waiting... lurking... Should I continue this path? I'm hoping healthy KBG will help tamper it off?

* My front South lawn was invaded by not only poa but some other sort of very thin bladed grass that I've never been able to identify. It dries out as soon as it hits 70 degrees or so and simply just goes brown while the poa looks like **** and dies shortly after leaving me with an eyesore and more. Bad news about that particular unidentified grass is that it goes up in flames quite easily. That said, I killed the lawn with Roundup and am going to reseed. I've thatched it to get what I couldn't get out by mowing low, burned it down with a hand torch (to the ground), and aerated so far. This weekend, I'm bringing in some turf soil mix, then will reseed with the same KBG mix we use in the backyard. Is there anything further, WITHOUT additional chemicals I can do to protect my investment in this part of the yard (i.e. no poa)? I live next to a wetland, so I have to manage chemical usage VERY carefully so as not to disturb my froggie buddies next door.

All input appreciated. Thanks guys!

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