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Bermuda Grass Seed in South Louisiana

10 years ago

I've been reading this board for a few weeks trying to get some helpful tips about seeding a lawn with Bermuda in South Louisiana but I haven't found anything. I have built a new home with about 10,000 sq. ft. of yard space total but it is mostly weeds of course. I am wanting to plant either LaPrima or Triangle Bermuda but we have a problem with heavy dark clay down here. I've tried to till a clay yard years ago but it was a nightmare so I figured I would kill everything with Round-up and then spread about 3" of topsoil over the whole yard. I have a friend with a tractor that has a front-end loader and a box blade so it should be easy. I was hoping that someone on here could give me a few suggestions on which Bermuda is the best for my area and the best way to prepare the yard. I've spoken to 3 lawn professionals here (one is a long time friend) and they all say the same thing, "don't waste your time tilling because it will activate more weeds, just cover all the dead weeds with a layer of topsoil and then spread the seed". Thanks

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