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Yard graded. Should i aerate next???

11 years ago

Planning on seeding Yukon bermuda grass.
What i have done so far:
1.Removed sod (St Augustine). Raked all debris.
2. Graded the yard.
3. Filled some spots with sand to smooth out.

I previously had St. Augustine grass but I wanted Bermuda grass. I moved in on Sept. 2012 and i have been researching on how to prepare the yard since.

PROBLEM... The ground was so HARD that the st augustine that was there had very shollow roots and you had to water it to keep it green.

After grading the yard (boxblade) i was hoping for the soil to loosen up a bit, which it did, but just the top 1.5 inches or so and in some places none. Will the seed germinate and stay alive long enough to establish and then aerate next Spring????

**Screwdriver test- goes in but with some force when dry and its a bit easier when wet.

**I am planning on spreading compost with the seed, just a thin layer.

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