Lawn Care - DIY or Hire a service?

12 years ago

Hi All,

I have a 1.5 Acre lot and there is 35,000 feet of lawn in existence. I finally decided that I have had enough with the weeds and semi good lawn that I want to put the effort into growing a nice yard. (plus a new garden tractor is also motivation)

So in looking at my yard and pricing 4 step programs at Home Depot (with Scott's), Tractor Supply and the local Agway store it is going to run me 400-500 annually based on the current prices.

My neighbor who has slightly more grass than I just recently decided to go with a lawn service and has been quoted a annual rate of 470 for 4 times a year treatment.

My question is this, is it really close to the same cost if I do it myself vs. hire a green lawn service?

Why should I do it myself vs. hire someone?

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