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Help with Fruit Tree Order

Hello Everyone! Thank you all in advance for your thoughts.

Let me start with a list of the trees I already have. I do not know all root stocks as some were purchased at BB stores. I have decided to keep the height at 8? for most of them and they are all planted in the ground. Most of the trees are around 2 years old. Fruit set this year was good (thinned most off on all trees) but growth not so much. I did not fertilize. Had trouble with Snow Queen (First season), Flavor King (First season) and Sweet Bagel (First season). Snow Queen broke late and had few flowers and did not leaf or grow well. Flavor King died, when I dug up it looked like it had big ball like things on the roots (I have bought another but it has yet to be put in the ground). Sweet Bagel broke late, never flowered but had tremendous growth (went from 5/8 to 3" diameter).

My soil is clay but not horrible. Is citation the best choice for rootstock for me with my type of soil? The nursery only offers citation, nemaguard, myro or lovell (with the trees I am looking at) and not all of those are available for all trees. Opinions on the new selections? I am not sure on my chill hours I believe I should get around 2-3 hundred (Most of my trees flowered and fruited). I am trying to have fruit all year. I am a beginner (3 years) at fruit and vegetables and it is my most favorite thing to do now. I am also learning how to can and store foods. Let me tell you I was sooooo overwhelmed this year with all my plantings. Vegetable garden almost killed me I swear. :P

Next year will not plant as steps. LOL It's just not in my nature though (baby steps that is). I did put up some pretty great jalapeno jelly I must say!

Apples: Anna, Dorsett Golden, Fugi, Pink Lady (OHXF33)

Apricot: Blenheim, Katy

Aprium: Cot-N-Candy (CIT), Flavor Delight (CIT)

Avacado: Mexican Stewart, Bacon

Cherry: Minnie Royal (Colt), Royal Lee (Colt)

Citrus: Satsuma Manderain, Washington Navel Orange, Rio Grapefruit, Bearss Lime

Nectarine: Double Delight (CIT), Panamint, Snow Queen (Lovell)

Nectaplum: Spice Zee (CIT)

Peach: Babcock, Desert Gold, Eva's Pride (CIT), Mid Pride (CIT), Saturn (CIT), Sweet Bagel (Nemaguard), Red Baron (Lovell), Galaxy (White Donut)

Pear: Florida Home, Hood (OHXF33), Shinseiki Asian Pear

Plum: Burgundy (Myro 29)

Plout: Emerald Drop (CIT), Flavor King (CIT)

List of new trees I was thinking about purchasing through Bay Laurel Nursery:

Apricot: Earli Autum, Tomcot, Goldkist, Flavorella (Plumot)

Cherry: Lapins, Stella, Rainer

Nectarine: Desert Dawn, Desert Delight, Fantasia, Jolly Red Giant

Peach: August Pride, Fair Time, Tasty Giant, Florida Prince, Compact Flavorette

Plum: Methley, Mariposa, Catalina, Beauty

Thanks again everyone!


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