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zz plant repot--help!

10 years ago

I'm in the course of repotting a zz plant. Why's the poor thing sitting there waiting to be put back in the planter? B/C someone's having a ridiculous argument w/me over cutting the roots which were peeking out of the bottom holes of the former pot. I've repotted plants and never once purposely cut the roots. She said she has too, and cut roots off. I know you're supposed to break apart the mass at the bottom a bit (this is pretty solid so good luck there), but cutting off healthy roots? I don't think so! I'd appreciate if someone can answer soon though I've got it in the pot now, roots and all. Oh, and she's telling me some weird thing about plugging the bottom with a piece of terra cotta or some such. I've repotted and brought a sanseveria my not-that-bright ex-roomie nearly killed back to life--no, not making it up, and never did this weird thing. Isn't that why you have a hole in the first place, for excess water? (I admit, things have died on me; I don't get why people insist on giving azaleas as a houseplant and why I'd kill it if I planted it outside and how it's preferable to my killing it indoors. But the people I'm arguing with now don't understand the concepts of "low maintenance" "not everything needs to be constantly fed and put in moisture-retaining soil" and "root rot"). I have no problem cutting the roots if I can--I heard these things grow from tubers anyway, IIRC--but I've never purposely cut the roots off a houseplant and can't see why I would (other than maybe trying to start babies). Any reasons? Thanks for your help!

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