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Lawn aerating and fertilizing questions

14 years ago

I just aerated my lawn today (and the neighbors, and neighbors, and neighbors....) and was wondering the best next step.

I have heard some people say they rake up the plugs, and even spread playground sand on the lawm. I guess the reasoning being the sand finds its way into the plug holes, allowing better drainage.

I am wondering if I should rake up the plugs or not, and if sand is a good idea?

My lawn in the back is sod that was laid in the fall. The front yard hasn't been cared for in years, so there is a fair bit of moss growing in patches (I have been raking and thatching and its helping for sure) and it is a bit yellow.

What sort of fertilizer do you recommend?

Are there any lawn lovers on here that can help me with this quandary?

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