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16 days after new grass :(..putting house on market

8 years ago

Hi All, I am putting my house on the market. Last year my yard looked really crappy. Hence this year I asked my gardener to dethatch it and reseed. It was 5 weeks before I was planning to put the house on market. He told me that the grass will come back in 3-4 weeks.

Now it has been 17 days and the yard looks horrible. There are bare patches and dead grass all over and I can barely see any new growth..

My gardener asks me to be patient, but I think he has been stingy in putting seeds, fertilizer and everything else and hence the grass is not coming back.

1. Is there anything I can do to make the grass grow faster? I got some plant food but I was told that adding anything extra may burn the grass.

2. The birds are eating away a lot of seeds even though the gardener put a lot of peat moss on the new seeds. Could that lead to less seeds in the ground. Should I seed more?

3. If in the next week, the bare patches are not filled, Can i just plant SOD in the bare and burned patches.

Please HELP....

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