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I hate my lawn!!! please help

14 years ago

Okay so we just purchased this house last summer and with moving and other issues we did not get to the Lawn at that point in time - who does. Well this year even my in-laws have have commented on how bad the lawn looks telling us things like lime and weed and seed yet their lawn looks only slightly better. But the fact remains that we bought a beautiful home in a beautiful neighborhood where everyone has a service (which I neither like nor can afford) and we look like this awful brown patchy seriously weedy almost little grass over weeds kind of lawn. And I hate to use chemicals as I am pregnant and I have a two year old, but I did allow my husband to weed and seed last weekend for which it was supposed to rain that evening for which it never did and so now the stuff is down it has never been wet afterward (over a week) and so I am thinking we just wasted time and money! Will this stuff still work once it gets wet? is there is something we can do other than this solution? How do we get rid of all these different weeds? there are two many to pick by hand. anyone please help us so our new neighbors don't hate us.

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