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2012 Winners and Losers

10 years ago

Any edibles really perform well for you this year? How long have you had them? Concerns (diseases, insects, etc)?

Any edibles that were particularly poorly performing this year? How long have you had it and has it been better in previous years? Any ideas why?

i'll start. I have a Sweet Sixteen apple that I've had for 3 years. This year it finally set some fruit, two of them to be exact. They were huge, 4+ inch diameter, and blemish free (until they fell). The kids (and wife and I) agree that it was the best tasting apple any of us have ever had.

Pawpaws... produced way more than I and the kids could eat. Rainstorms knocked fruit from the branches and we didn't even bother checking them for condition. Best year ever!

Blueberries were disappointing. two of my 4 bushes seemed to overbear and then never seem to ripen the fruit (which were tiny, dry and hard). The other 2 bushes had very few fruit between them.

Illinios Everbearing Mulberry...didn't seem to fruit much or heavily. I can't recall getting a single berry and don't think the kids really did either.

Gooseberries (3 diff varieties). My fruit just never seems to get much bigger than currant size and I've never had a good year for production except for on Pixwell (I think). I did get a new one this year, but I'm really thinking this particular fruit is one to give up on.

Figs... best year ever for me. I got dozens (and am still picking) from Celeste, LSU Purple, Kadota, Florea, and many others (all in pots). My own in ground fig is covered with fruit, but hasn't started ripening yet.


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