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Propagation of ZZ plants

16 years ago

I've never tried to grow new ZZs before. In fact, I've barely ever tried to grow ZZs -- I have one, but only for a month or so. Nevertheless, I'm taken with it enough that I want more, so yesterday I cut off a few of the lower leaves, let them callus for a few hours, and then planted them in a damp sphagnum / perlite / soil mix.

So what now? Has anyone who's done this already answer a few questions for me? Like,

1) Does it *really* take a whole year for them to root and develop?

2) Will humidity help (like if I cover them with a vented plastic cup or something), or just lead to rot?

3) How wet does the soil need to be while they're rooting?

4) How much light should I be giving them?

I *have* looked on-line for general growing information about this, and I've found some, but I was interested in getting direct personal experiences from people who have tried it themselves.

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