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Need fruit tree help - disease management/ID

I planted a Toka plum and Sweet Sixteen apple last fall. Unfortunately, I didn't think to put rabbit wrap on the trunks and the rabbits had a good time munching on the bark over the winter. Both trees woke up this spring - I worried the bark damage would kill them, but nope.

The plum leafed out at the tips of the branches only - and is bearing 4 plums as we speak. But there are very few leaves on it. I stopped at the nursery today to see if so few leaves was normal and the nursery's Toka's had at least 10 times the number of leaves for a similar sized tree (but theirs had no plums). Can anyone suggest what is wrong with this plum? Is it a gonner?

The apple leafed out really well throughout the entire tree. No blooms in spring and, obviously, no apples. But the wood on the branches in various places is a light orangy brown and papery looking, as though it is peeling off. Is this canker? The leaves also have lots of orange dusty spots which I have fairly confidently identified as rust. What can I do to save this tree? Anything at all? Or should I cut my losses now and plant a new one? My nursery does not have any Sweet 16s this year, and I really wanted a Sweet 16, so if I can somehow save this tree, I would be extremely grateful.

Please advise ASAP.

Thank you in advance for your collective wisdom.

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