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My soil is clay and Fill Material, how can I improve it (pics)?

16 years ago

When I moved into my house it was clear the previous owner did not maintain the lawn. Most of the sod had died off and bare spots were visible and you cna see the netting from the old sod. The problem is, all I have is clay and rock (Fill material). I can't really afford to scrape off the top 6-8" and get yards and yards of topisoil in.

What is the best cost-effective way to improve my soil so I can establish a decent yard over the course of a few years? Should I just aerate every year and top dress with compost? I have so many rocks that it is hard to aerate and it would take a lifetime to remove all the rocks from the fill material.

I am at a real loss of what to do.

I am in Raleigh, have clay soil, and want to grow fescue.

What can I do to improve this soil without costing me an arm and a leg??

Thanks for the help!

Clay and Rocks!


Close-up of the Fill Material that makes up my yard!


Close-up of Netting from Sod that died aways years ago.


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