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Q: Have any glass gem/mirrored/suncatcher/dangly things survive?

15 years ago

I remember when they were all the rage on this board and lots of us attempted to make them, some were not very successful at it, but others got them done up all pretty! I recently took mine down for cleaning the other day, but when I tried to spray glass cleaner spray on the crystal beads, the monofilament threads snapped and broke off! Needless to say, I had to restring the whole thing, and I had to trash the glass gems and little squared mirrors, because I couldn't successfully pull them apart. UGH!

So I was wondering if yours are still around, and how well they've been holding up? Mind you, mine was out there for about 2 years, through harsh chicago winters! They would cast sparkly images over the crisp white snow! This time I'm bringing them indoors in the fall.

Has anyone found any new ways of attaching the two gems back to back? I tried glueing one marble back to a large circular mirrored sequin, but it's only been 2 days and it doesn't look like the GE silicone II is going to hold. But then it has been a bit on the humid side these days. Will let you all know if this works.

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