What do the professional lawn care/weed services use?

9 years ago

I cannot afford to hire a lawn care/weed killer service, so I'm curious as to what exactly those places use to get lawns looking flawless. It just amazes me and I'm so jealous I can't get my lawn to look nice like my neighbors.

I'm in Illinois and my lawn has so many weeds in it and I've tried for the last two years to get rid of to no avail. I've tried everything from pulling them by hand to using spraying them individually with a general weed killer to using Scott's Weed and Feed with a handheld spreader and nothing seems to help.

What is it I'm doing wrong? Should I have used the Scott's Weed and Feed with a push spreader instead or should I just try a totally different product? It seems like lawn care services use some sort of a spray. I just want to know what their secret is.

Like I said, I can't afford to hire someone to fix this lawn, so I would like to have some suggestions on what to do and use on my own. Also, I would like to add some grass seed to some sparse spots - should I do that before or after getting the weed problem under control?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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