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Open Vase - Height at which to start vase

14 years ago

Hi All-

I'm considering training a couple of trees to open vase form. One thing I haven't been able to find is an acceptable height at which to start the vase. I'm surprised there isn't much on Open Vase in AHS's Pruning & Training.

Anyway, one of my Liberty trees is 2 years old and has 4 nice 90 degree scaffolding branches at 35-39" off the ground. Is this an acceptable height? Or is it possibly too low? I do have deer around here, but I am vigilant with my peppermint spray and they have never done too much damage (Actually, they gave me a nice pruning once if you can believe that!) One person I talked to was worried that if I started the vase too low, it would lead to more deer damage.

Here's a link to a pic of the tree. I'm going to transplant it to a more prime spot in the yard (better light) in the early spring. Now that the central leader is 2 years old, do I need to worry that IÂm pruning out too much of the tree?




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