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Ficus lyrata, fiddle leaf fig tree

9 years ago

I really need help with my ficus lyrata, since it seems like no one in Europe knows anything about them:( I also can't loose it since they're not so popular and it's hard to find them in stores..
It's from ikea, it has single stem and I would like to prune it, so it become more of a tree form. How should I do that? How much of a stem should I cut? Should I wait until it's more leaves to cut or should I cut as little as it's possible. It has now new 3 baby leaves at the top.
It is at home at north facing window, it's automn here, but already we don't have much light (sunny day once in two weeks?:D) and it will not be warmer until march, but even if I should it during spring I want to find answers now, so it won't be too late later;)
Thank You so much, I can add photos if that would help

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