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ZZ plant questions about tuber divisions and dormant season

16 years ago

When I repotted my ZZ plant into a larger pot, I noticed how similar to potatoes the tubers seemed. I've also read how easy these plants are to propogate. I've already started two from leaves the cats broke off, but I was wondering if I could divide or cut the tubers, similar to cutting up a seed potato, to speed up the process? My girlfriend's grandmother will be coming up for Christmas from Puerto Rico, and has always loved my plants. There are a few larger stems on my ZZ that are growing more horizontally than vertically, and I was thinking that I could remove them, along with a good portion of tuber, pot them up so they stand vertically, and give to her to take home. Will this work, or are the tubers too sensitive for this?

Also, is this the normal season for ZZ plants to be putting on growth? Mine has sent out 3 new stems in the past 2 months, and I can see 2 more starting. The 3 new ones are already 10" tall but have yet to unfurl! I haven't been watering it as much as usual, treating it more like a rubber tree or jade plant during the dormant winter months. Should I step up the watering? Should I fertilize to help support the new growth? I water my plants with water from our goldfish aquarium, on the theory that the high levels of nitrates put out by the goldfish should act as a weak fertilizer. Is this enough? Thanks

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