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Harvesting cape gooseberry

10 years ago

This is my first year growing cape gooseberry, and I just thought I'd put some info on this site. I've seen people ask when to harvest them. When the berry forms, the husk starts out light green, and then changes to yellow. At that time, they usually aren't fully ripe, even if they've fallen off the plant. When the husk loses its color and dries out, then the berry is usually ripe. You can wait for them to fall off the plant, or you can lightly shake the branches to make them fall. When you take off the husks, you'll see that not all are perfectly yellow. Sort out the bright yellow ripe ones from those with a greenish tint, and let the others ripen - they will.

For those interested in growing cape gooseberries, mine have stayed low to the ground, but they extend about five feet in diameter. If you can't bend over easily, you probably don't want to deal with this crop.

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