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Best sweet cherry for small yard?

16 years ago

Hi everyone im new to this forum. I followed Konrad from the bird forum :-) I live in southern Tenn. and i really want to start growing my own fruit. We do sometimes have late freezes and we have clay soil. I am really interested in the best sweet cherry for a small yard and i am also wanting to add Aronia, elderberries, serviceberries and currants also if you think they can grow here. I have read a lot on the Internet but it just confuses me so i am asking those of you that have more experience if you have any suggestions i would be extremely grateful. Every store i research says theirs is the best so i just dont know what to get because there are so many choices. I was thinking of Stella as the sweet cherry but it might get to big im just not sure. My yard is 100ft wide by 200ft long with full sun. Any suggestions on great fruiting trees and plants would be appreciated. Thank you so much, Bonnie

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