New obsession

10 years ago

I went to my first garden swap yesterday. Very fun! Great plants, yummy eats, and wonderful people. It was hosted by Zen Potter who posts on the GW Minnesota Gardening forum.

Late last summer I moved into a home that had been abandoned for six years so it needs total rehabbing and tons of landscape work.

Since I'm new to gardening and don't have any plants to trade, Zen Potter was kind enough to let me bring some of my garden junk (tea cup bird feeders and tea pot totems) to the swap.

Well, the gardening bug has bitten me big time! I came home with dozens of plants. I've never done gardening before so I'm clueless and now I have lots of research and planning to do. I guess I'll be spending some time on the GW gardening and landscape design forums.

I want to say thank you to Zen Potter and to all the generous people on the various GW forums.

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