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Help! My Yucca plant is croaking!

12 years ago

I'm really stumped as to why several of the stalks on my Yucca Elephantipes plant is dying off. You can't see much of this in the pictures below, but these stalks are turning yellow, drying up, and feel soft. I kept checking the water with a hydrometer, and for weeks it would register FULL CAPACITY, at the bottom of the pot. This plant always did well, this is only in the last few weeks. I took the plant out of the pot to check the roots sand soil. (see pics). Soil at top is indeed dry, but at bottom, it does seem moist. Roots are not growing out of the pot (its the original pot the plant was purchased in, but my theory was not enough drainage holes). I could not find any traces of bugs/infestation. The plastic pot its in has always been in a larger ceramic pot, with space underneath so the inner pot is not immersed in water. The plant is situated maybe 10 feet from a window (in a stairwell), but it (and other) plants have *always* done well in this location. Aug./Sept. weather was pretty mild.

So I have no idea what's happening or how to stop it. I cut off the bad stalks/leaves, but how to keep this from getting worse? Thanks for any advice.





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