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Deer destroyed my Asian pear trees last night

15 years ago

I have been eagerly awaiting to try some Asian pears and had some really nice ones on my new trees I had planted this year. I had fenced the trees off with heavy plastic fencing about shin to eye level high. Every day I would go in my back yard to examine them and check on their development, cradling the pears in my hand anticipating their ripening to fruition.

When I woke op this morning I had found the trees shredded and ripped in half. All the pears had been striped and the branches strewn around the yard. Sickening how nature works sometimes - they come in the night and I wake up to their destruction.

But I guess it reminds me that nature does not bow to me ~ I bow to nature.

Next season will try it all over again and replace the trees with new ones and heavy metal fencing from ankle high to over my head in height.

"When the sun rises I go to work,

When the sun goes down, I take my rest,

I dig the well from which I drink,

I farm the soil that yields my food,

I share creation, Kings can do no more."

Ancient Chinese, 2500 BC

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