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How often do I need to acidify the soil of my blueberry bushes?

11 years ago

Hi there. I am a newbie at gardening. I planted a blueberry bush last year. After doing my gardening research in the winter, I found a lot of things I should have done to this blueberry plant.

1) Plant another blueberry bush nearby to yield a better crop

2) check ph and acidify the soil.

So this spring, I purchased another blueberry bare root plant and planted it about 3-4 feet away from the previous bush. The nursery gave be a bag of sulfite to acidify the soil before planting.

Question - do I add this sulfite once a year? every few weeks? how often?

The one I planted last year is small (1 foot high) and gave me 5-6 half pea size blueberries. Thoughts? Also, I have strawberry plants planted around them (which gave me hardly any yield. and raspberry bushes as well.

Other question, how close do the blueberry bushes need to be to be productive?

Random question, I planted 2 pink lemonade blueberry bushes because my kids loved the idea of it. Any thoughts on these. Wish me luck next year to get a yield!

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