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First Time Plant Owner Brand New Ficus Tree

16 years ago


Just yesterday I purchased a beautiful 6ft tall Ficus Benjamina tree. It is currently in a plastic pot, but I have also purchased a 16 inch clay pot to re-pot it with. My question (s) is/are... should I re-pot it immediately? I have never owned a plant before, and I am thirty years old! But it really seems like it would like my nice large clay pot over the tiny plastic one that it is in... But I have no idea how to re-pot it, how much water to use, and what to do with the tiny stones I have purchased...

Is there possibly a book I should buy, or a good website with step by step instructions? I really don't want to kill this beautiful new tree... I am so excited to get good at taking care of it, I just don't know where to start. But somebody told me not to re-pot it right away and now I'm confused. I bought it at home depot, by the way, and the poor thing was so squished.


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