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Hey, where will all your houseplants be going in the Fall?

10 years ago

Do you have a set place for certain plants? Lots of room?

Lot's of sun?

Do you give certain plants reverential treatment over others?

Certain rooms, window sills, tables, the greenhouse, cellar, dark places, cold places, or that corner of the room?

Let me give you a brief on many of Here it goes.

I have to find a way to FIT THEM ALL, as huge as they got, and for some reason, I always seem to end up with more than what I started with at the beginning of the spring. A daunting task indeed at times.

Citrus? I have a special place in my heart for these, and in my house. They will get their own sunny room, with a skylight facing south windows in an unheated room with lots of circulation, fans.

Tropicals? They will be scattered about the house in windows while the humidity loving ones will be kept in the greenhouse.

Orchids? In the greenhouse with lots of fans and humidity.

Brunfelsia? Greenhouse

Hoyas? Greenhouse

Chistmas? Greenhouse

Gradenia? Greenhouse

Mock Orange? Cool sunny room in windows facing the south

Chinese Perfume tree? Not sure

Clivia..All 15 of them? Dark cellar for rest, no light

ALL Succulents and Cacti? In the basement, under lights.

Figs? For sleep in a very cold shed that does not get past 32 degrees or freeze.

Did I get them all?..Oh theer is lots more, but your turn:-)

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  • Tiffany, purpleinopp Z8b Opp, AL
    10 years ago

    Oh jeez. Hopefully this is still a couple months away, but this is going to be tough this year. I've already started boxing up dust-catchers so I can use their homes for plants, even my display of giant seashells I've found. Some plants absolutely get preferential treatment, usually based on age. Oldest ones get priority placement, with the others to fill in wherever they can.

    A lot of pots I will just put next to my compost pile where I expect most of them to survive. It's hard to do, though, like putting your kid on the bus for the first day of kindergarten, gotta let go and hope they succeed on their own. These will be most of the Tradescantias, sweet potato vine, Datura, Tahitian bridal veil and will experiment with Callisia fragrans babies.

    My Mom's garage is an option but I hope to keep them all here. I don't have a basement, so the choice will be "heated vs. unheated" which is about 72 for the heated, around 55 for the unheated room.

    One thing's for sure, I will put Sans exactly where I did last winter and hope for another flower! No idea if the winter location was a factor since one of two identical (formerly in one pot) plants bloomed. Besides "shaking a chicken over it while hopping on one foot under a full moon" like one might try for a troubled Gardenia, I don't know a better plan to try to get another bloom than doing exactly what I did before.

    Wouldn't your mock orange be OK outside?

  • rina_Ontario,Canada 5a
    10 years ago


    I only wish all I had to worry was 55* for unheated room - here it would be probably 20 - 25*
    So in my case - I have no idea yet - and not much time to be creative either. Bad news for me - I have at least 50 more plants (that have to go in) right now than I had in February of this year. But the 'inn' is same size as before, & that was already too tight.

    So first it will be an 'emergency holding area' - plants grouped together & covered with plastic; that will buy me, hopefully, about 3-4 weeks. Then, maybe begging my kids (may result in bribing) or should all fail - get more real estate...

    Have to try the chicken dance under a full moon first...Rina

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  • scsva
    10 years ago

    A lot of my plants will be going into my new plant room. Others will be in my office through the winter where there are 2 large windows and fluorescents. If I still have an overflow, they will be going in other rooms in my house.


  • Lamora
    10 years ago

    Mine are already starting to come in at night. Woke up to 37*F this morning. My DH rigged up a pole for the hanging ones, the others are on shelves in our room. We tried to put them in the living room, but mom keeps moving them around. (she has azlthimers~ (sp?) So we want them out of her sight) I am hopeing that we can make room for the little GH I have, but that means moving the dog and cat food and not being able to get into the closet! My husband wants to close in the back porch this winter, maybe put in a heater for them. Will have to see about that later tho.

    As far as light is, we have a shop light.(reg.fluorescents)no windows for them that let any real light in.
    But so far, this is all we have. I don't know what I would do if I had as many as some of you do.. or as large. (green with envy~~ :p) Maybe next year I will find out? lol


  • meyermike_1micha
    Original Author
    10 years ago

    Rina, EXACTLY! Not only do I have more, they have gotten huge. Do you know how hard it was for me to stare at many of them and know I have to cut them back? Especially, when you know you get more flowers when bigger! Oh, do I wish I had a property I could live in at a warm climate:-(

    I probably have about 150 or one less that have to find their way in. I spent 3 hours yesterday and today, cleaning the greenhouse of green algea, and then treating it for pests before I could bring any in before the temps dip into the 40's by next week for my warm loving humidity plants. Sheesh, I was spent. I did find a spot for all 32 Orchids which took up half the room. Lol, I had NO orchids to start out this

    Purple..It is quite possible the reason why it flowered was because you had it in a room with no lights that you could turn on? Like CC and jades, if you just let the natural daylight trigger them to flower, it will work. But put them in a room that recieves light from a room, forget it.
    The Mock Orange would certainly die because it is a tropical plant, although it could handle very cool dry conditions.

    I will take a picture of my set-up thus far and show you what I still have left to bring in before the cold weather approaches. Thank God for my neighbor with his truck. I'll be able to carry to HUGE citrus trees that I have not cut back and an Olive tree to work with no problem.

    Susan, is there any way you could share a picture of the new plant room? I would love to see that. I'll bet you are thrilled and can't wait to utilize that!


  • rina_Ontario,Canada 5a
    10 years ago


    Glad to see that there are worse plant hoarders around - 32 orchids since spring?!
    How large is your greenhouse? You said you keep citrus in unheated room - how cold does it get there? Your plants look always great.
    I see you put your fig to sleep in winter - why not to keep it in the greenhouse - to grow continuously?


  • woodnative
    10 years ago

    I was planning to truck all my plants up to your greenhouse too, LOL! They do get larger......and multiply, over the summer. My house really does not have more than two small windows that are good for plants. Many go to my office. Also, I found I can even keep my citrus (lemon) tree in my dark garage. Since I don't have a good south window for would really suffer and drop leaves in the house over winter. However, if I put it in the cool (though fairly dark) garage it stays in suspended animation over winter and turns out better come Spring.

  • meyermike_1micha
    Original Author
    10 years ago


    I wish I could fit them in there, but the greenhouse is only 8x12. I leave just enough for in there for me for a slumber or two on the ground, or to sit and read a book in the dead of winter.

    Figs. most that is need at least 50 to 100 hours of dormant time in my region in order to produce a good crop for the following year. So, I wait until the first frost and when all the leaves drop, then stick them in a dark unheated shed, temps averaging into the 30's the entire winter to keep them asleep until spring.

    The room for the citrus never goes below the low 50's and never above the 65 which is perfect for my trees! The humidity stays much higher in there because teh heat is kept off and because of the grouping of plants.
    Humidity levels never drop below the 50 percent mark.
    Spider mite and other pest attacks? None existent thank God.

    Lol, about 32 Orchids. I will take pics this weekend of all those yet to come in.

    Woodnative..They do have greenhouse extensions if I have
    MY parents tell me for every cutting I take from my plants, I should root them, sell them on e-bay, and make this an investment. Hummm

    You hit in on the nose! My trees are forced by me to stay in suspended animation! It's much better than spindly growth suseptable to every winter pest in the book.


  • rina_Ontario,Canada 5a
    10 years ago


    Good tips, thanks. I thought that citrus has to have more heat during winter, so glad I asked.
    And your 'small' 8x12 GH is still better than mine - I don't have one.
    How warm do you keep the GH?


  • meyermike_1micha
    Original Author
    10 years ago

    Rina...I use two space heaters set at 65 and a solar pool cover over the entire house.
    It keeps it nice and warm, saves on the electric bill big time, and keeps the heat from radiating out or heating up to fast on sunnier days. It also keeps the humidity in there quite well.

    Rina, this weekend I will take pics of the many that have yet to come back
    Aw, you need one. Once you do, it will be the best place you could be all winter!


  • rina_Ontario,Canada 5a
    10 years ago


    Yes, I want one, no - I NEED one lol; that's why I am asking so many questions. Read books, many articles, but it's always good to hear other's experiences.

    Thnx. Rina

  • plantmasterm
    10 years ago

    I envy all of you who have green houses, plant rooms & spare bedrooms.. Being newly divorced this year I went from many rooms, garage,& green house to 1 bedroom with only 2 windows that are north facing, so I'm really struggling with where everything will go..
    If my Mom liked plants it wouldn't be a problem but she doesn't..I'm going to beg her anyway..I will put as many as possible in my bedroom, but I have to have space for my masters( my dogs)

  • whip1 Zone 5 NE Ohio
    10 years ago

    Winter storage is one of the reasons I don't get all of the plants I want. I have 1 south window where I put my Jades and a few other succulents. The rest of the plants get a little bit of light from the a few east or west facing windows. I wish I had a heated greenhouse. That would make my life much easier!


  • scsva
    10 years ago

    My plant room is just a former storage room in my house. It has only 2 windows that face north and west so it's not the best lighting. My son-in-law has built shelves there and I plan to paint the whole room a glossy white and add some mirrors to reflect the light. He will put up some T-5 lights in a couple of weeks.

    It is starting to cool off here as it will be in the 50's next week at night. Daytime temps will be in the 70's and low 80's.


  • Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6
    10 years ago

    When I was still working. I would bring my plants to work with me. We had T-8 fluorescent lighting. Good for office but it was still ok for my plants. Also the main office had these Hugh big windows in the front, (south facing) and they allowed me to bring my large agaves to sit on the seals. It was great until I decided to retire.
    I think what we need is a group greenhouse. A large storeage area we could section off and each have our own spot. We can look over each others plants and divid the cost of operation. Nice dream ah.

  • rina_Ontario,Canada 5a
    10 years ago


    Great idea - communal greenhouse!
    I would go for it. So where is it going to be? For some of us that means moving too, how about that?
    Are you willing to move to Canada? LOL...Rina

  • Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia
    10 years ago

    Hello EVeryone!!

    I like the idea of a shared greenhouse..

    Sounds like a great idea. Maybe Homestead Florida? Yes, im dreaming.. : ) Rina, I do love Canada!!!

    Hi Mike!!

    Been busy here as you well know... But, i wanted to post to your thread and let you know tht most of my Plumeria will be forced into dormancy (60%) of them.. So my back bedroom will look like a room full of strange looking sticks lol..

    Most of the new trees C & S and other little goodies will be in my great room and then others will go upstairs under T-5 lights. I have found that they do well there, but i do have some issues of spider mites using the lights. But i manage to keep them under control. My Greenhouse will hold some of my trees as well. It isnt a large Greenhouse, but it does help.

    This is the time of year that i start thinking of winter storage and trying to figure out my plan..

    This needs to be done when DH isnt home because he will do the "eye roll" when he sees what all i have..LMAO!!!

    I dont understand how they "multilpy" during the summer.. : ) But, im sure happy to see these doing so well.

    Great thread.. I guess we will all have to see the funny pics of these babies stuffed into our homes, greenhouses, etc.

    Thanks for the nice words about the new addition to our family.. : ) I cant tell you how wonderful this is.. : )

    Take care,


  • cactusmcharris, interior BC Z4/5
    10 years ago

    They're going to the same place that it ever was


    (Not my shoes - too small - nor my handbag)

    Possible problems - they might have to come in before I'm ready for them to come in....and in addition, my wife is bringing up some more plants (Agaves, Gasterias, Haworthias and more from some kind folk) - I estimate I'm going to have to find a place for 20+ more plants, not all of them small.

  • scsva
    10 years ago

    Love those large windows!!


  • emerald1951
    10 years ago

    Hi cactus....
    lol, was going to ask about the
    love your windows....and how you have your plants..
    nice very nice.....linda

  • emerald1951
    10 years ago

    Hi again....dumby me....
    Mike I'll send all my plants to you and put them in your green house(I am so jealous,I'd love a green house)...
    but really, I am down sizing so I took cutting and small off sets and gave the parent plants the church and friends, and this weekend I'm having a garage sale and so I am selling some and saving the money to buy more plant next spring......I have to take pictures of the plants I planted in bonsi pots(that you sent me) and a few others and post them here.....soon.....
    take care all and have a good day, great week end....linda

  • meyermike_1micha
    Original Author
    10 years ago

    You know, sometimes it gets to be
    Before I knew how to keep plants thriving past one year, I would buy doubles and sometimes triple of the same plant!

    Now I am stuck with triples and doubles, HUGE plants that have grown 3 x ttheir size and you know how I hate to use cutting shears:-(

    I wish I could let some of my favorites grow as tall as they would like, then it would squeeze out roon for all my others..Get it? Then I could Bonsai most to make lots of room for lots of plants, but then that is a whole different world.

    Jeff, you too funny. I laugh when I see you post. You have no problem making many smile. Love those
    By the way, I like how you have set up your plants to catch the water. Nice. Must protect the floor.

    Laura! CONGRATS on your new, human addition. I am as well as Mom very happy for you! I wish we could see you again this fall. Let's see:-)

    Linda..You a dummy? No...Just a crazy plant nut like me always looking for something different. I may have something for you.

    You can all share greenhouse with me, all 8x10 of it. lol
    I was so overwhelmed looking at it today with half the place already stuffed with Orchids. I think I shall have to scatter them about the taller stuff since they like dabbled light anyway.

    You are right! When I say anything to anyone about having to bring my plants in, not including runnning them in and out to avoid a frost, and placing many up on my flat roof in full sun, I get the rolling eyes by many and a few "your crazy" and laughs.

    Stush, it just so happens I was wondering where to put the ones that you and Laura gave me.

    Rob, some day, some day:-)

    Susuan, it sounds like you have a good plant. What we do for our plants, right?

    Plantmaster, a community one would suit you just fine:-)


  • marybright
    10 years ago

    I grouped my begonias in my living room in south-facing windows. I use black plastic greenhouse benches topped with black trays and pebbles. Keeping them low visually helps them fit in in the room. I usually keep heating vents [just below them] shut off; use curtain if sun seems too much and spray weekly with Espoma 3 in 1 as a preventative.

  • deadheadri
    10 years ago

    Wow.. And I thought I had problems finding space for 14 or 15 plants in One East and One NW window..

    Someone should come up with a winter greenhouse rental thing.. based on the POD system.. drop it in the driveway and call us when you want it done..

  • birdsnblooms
    10 years ago

    Hey always pick interesting topics. :)

    Jeff, love your LR. It's sooo big. Large windows, too. I thought you lived in an area where plants could be wintered outdoors???

    Mary, nice room. Your Begonias are doing fantastic. Wish mine looked as nice.

    Started cleaning the front 'plant room' at 10am yesterday morning. Washed windows, in and out, walls, and a large shelf most of my succulents will be placed. A few other shelves, too. Watered every plant in that room that weren't outdoors this summer, and scrubbed floors..but will have to redo. Finshed at 7pm.

    Today, I plan on finishing the other half, then the back plant room. Since the majority of plants go in both rooms, they'll be ready when plants come inside.

    The LR will also be cleaned, after dh and ds remove the a/c from the window....yes, Mike, we finally got an a/c. lol. Smaller succulents go in the LR windows which face south.

    Afterwards, the bedroom needs cleaning..wash windows, relocate tables, and two shelves most Hoyas will go on. The upstairs bathroom window will also be cleaned..hanging Hoyas are placed on the curtain rod, lol.

    I also have a small green house which needs cleaning and additional stones on the's emply right now, so cleaning will be a breeze. Unless a spider moved in..then it's war!!!
    Large trees and Agaves go in the gh. Trees that no longer fit in the house.

    I can't believe we're discussing hauling plants in so soon. What's going on? In past years, my plants were outside as late as Oct/early Nov. But with nights dipping in the 40's, 'which is too early for Sept,' I guess bringing plants in before days and nights stay in the 20's is mandatory.

    The WC's predicted today, Tues the 25th, would be the last semi-warm, 78F day. I prayed we'd get a few more wks of, well, a little warmth. This morning, while watching the news, they said this week will be in the high 70's, 50's at night. Think my prayer was answered. Thank You.

    I'm now wondering if bringing plants in is too early.

    Does anyone leave certain plants outside until frosts, and if so, which plants?

    I normally leave Thanksgiving Cactus out until buds appear, and some Kalanchoes. What about Jades? Since cooler temps promote red coloring, what's the lowest temps Jades will survive w/o freezing?

    Charlie, wait until you adopt over 100
    Here are pics of last winter's plant rooms.

    front plant room, south and west windows


    front plant room, north and west windows


    Kitchen window, facing north




    Can't find last years pics bathroom pics or second kitchen window. lol. But, I'm sure you get the picture.


  • Tiffany, purpleinopp Z8b Opp, AL
    10 years ago

    Cactusm, I think we are all impressed with those shoes!

    This has been on my mind a bit, but woke up to 55 deg. Holy cow! Was talking to a buddy in OH Saturday eve and they were huddled around a bonfire with temps in the 40's. Why is this such a shock every year? And how can we all stand it? As usual, I'm mentally kicking and screaming in a tantrum about it.

    Been thinking I could put 3 hanging plants in each window instead of one. Just add another hook on either side of the existing one, then stagger the heights a bit like I do outside anyway.

    Toni, I wonder about this frost thing too. I think it's worthy of its' own thread, will start one.

  • deadheadri
    10 years ago



    As my daughter would say.. "You need a Meeting!"


  • birdsnblooms
    10 years ago

    Purple, thanks for starting the thread.

    Charlie, lol. I thought about a plant/yard sale, but can't figure which would go. Believe me, I've considered ridding some plants a zillion times, but every time I say, okay, this one can go, a reason, mostly sentimental pops up and any thought of letting it go, is well, gone. lol. Toni