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WHite Spots on my Bird of Paradise please help!

12 years ago

I have owned a bird of paradise now for about 2 years it is situated in a south westerly window with some decent light. Over the last few months I have noticed what appears like little white dots all over on top and bottom of some leaves and also at the base of the plant. They are very easy to wipe off with your hand...and as I have been doing, with a an alcohol/water mixture. --- they are not fuzzy as I have seen posted around the web for scales. They are sort of "dry" and look like little fried eggs if you will. When I pull back a leaf at the base of the plant there are bunches of these "accretions".I have two photos linked below with some closeups...I hope someone can help. The plant is not the healthiest (with leaf curling, some dull green to yellowing occuring)I try to clean these spots off but they keep coming back!

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