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Any secret to keeping veg garden on schedule? [g]


Well, time to start evaluating how the gardening season is going and how to improve upon it next year. For me, it is a challenge to me to keep the veggie beds productive and looking good. My timing is off. The crazy spring weather, has me putting things out too late, then the harvest is late, so I don't get a fall crop planted until too late. Plus I always want my own brassica transplants for the fall, but it is SO HOT just about the time to sow the seed. Then I try to collect seed, so I am waiting for the seed to ripen to pull out the plants to put in a cover crop. And everything is looking awful as the foliage deteriorates.

Is there someone out there that has found some way to keep the garden productive and looking good all season from early spring to late fall? Is there some secret to keeping on schedule that I don't know about? [g]

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