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There is an old iron spiral planter, and spent $50 on these

15 years ago

First stuff I bought from a friend yesterday who is having a sale because she is strapped for cash and has to move, I paid her asking price, my other friend who has two benches just like mine only bare wood slats says I paid too much for the bench, $25 for the bench and $25 for the plow/cultivator.

Also I've been coveting, yes coveting, a spiral plant stand on a lady's porch, she doesn't like me so I didn't want to approach her and offer to buy hers which did have some rust but paint left on parts of it.

Now my other friend who thought I paid too much for the bench (it does need some new boards and iron ends de-rusted and painted) has a spiral plant stand just exactly like the other one only it is TOTALLY covered in rust. Can I salvage it do you think? I am thinking of paying her $25 for it, so I'm not beholden to her for other things she has given me although it may not be worth it. What is the easiest way to strip the rust off besides sandblasting? That would be the easiest but too expensive for what it is. I want to paint that white. It is some kind of spiral filigree iron steps where you set pots with a rounded container on the top for a basket, about 4-5' tall.

My landscaping is veering toward the cottage/eclectic look but definitely not the country look so I don't know what I will do with the plow but thought I'd better grab it while I had the chance. I took the pics for her sale and since I bought the plow, didn't bother to photograph the whole thing but you can see about what it is.

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