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If you could grow anywhere?? Looking for a top 5 suggestion list

12 years ago

Where would it be??

The reason I ask is Im about six months out of my second graduation (career switch, I went back to school, 31 years old) and have been seriously considering relocating. Ive been looking to Hawaii really hard. Yes cost of living is high, but in my new profession the pay scale will be more then adequate and the need there in demand, as it is pretty much anywhere. Ive tossed around places in Cali, as well as florida... they all seem to have pros and cons as does everything in life.

However, Im in a unique situation of pretty much being able to go anywhere I want, and I do want to relocate (within the US).

One of my primary considerations is being able to grow a garden for the large majority of the year, if not year round. Im primarily interested in the typical veggies, tomatoes, sweet bells, but also I really like hot peppers Hungarian wax, jalepeno, habanero, bhut jolokias, etc, etc. However, being able to grow fruits would be a HUGE perk as well which is one of the reasons I have been considering south or subtropical/tropical... nothing is set in stone though.

So what would your top 5 list of places to live and garden consist of ... and why those places??

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