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how do i cut the brown tips off my spider plant?

12 years ago

Hi, I wanted to thank everyone for the help with my spider plant. It is just one section that isnt curly now, not sure what that deal is. But for the most part it is doing better. But I do have a question about how to cut the leaves that are bent and brown. When I cut the brown tips off, they are brown again within just a few days. Am I cutting them off wrong? And the "shoots", they are turning brown, what do I do with those, are those the "babies"? There are about 5 of those now, going up straight.

and someone said to cut the bent ones too, how far down do I cut them off?

Im almost afraid to touch it now-- lol. Is there a way to prevent them from bending? Sorry for sounding silly, but I've never had a spider plant before, and when I looked into them, they sounded easy enough to take care of, but these tips turning brown are driving me crazy. And some are turning brown in the center of the leaves from the tips. The new leaves underneith are doing good, but they are still small.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

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