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Suggestions on making greenhouse benches out of metal bed frames?

15 years ago

Hey everyone. I am scratching my head trying to figure out a fairly easy (and most importantly cheap) way of building 60 - 80 feet of greenhouse benches that will last a while. Pressure treated wood would be great obviously but my budget won't allow for it right now. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts/suggestions about creating the basic frame and legs out of old metal bed frame rails bolted and/or welded together. That popped into my head because I figured I can acquire these on freecycle and junk piles if I keep my eyes peeled. Or if anyone has better suggestions on what to use that would be welcome too! I have plenty of non-treated wood available to me that I could use as horizontal slats to span the gap between the rails and support the trays. They would obviously rot after a while but I have almost a never-ending supply of them to use until I can upgrade. Help me brainstorm!! =)

Sincerely, Danielle

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