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Triggers for Ficus Benjamina fruit-bearing

9 years ago

A couple of years ago I took two small cuttings with three leaves each from my old Ficus Benjamina plant. They have both been growing very well since then.

Both of them have had the same cultural situation. Same soil, kept in the same window, repotted at the same time, watered at the same time with the same fertilizer, etc.

In most ways, they have grown as twins. However, about a year ago (very approximately) one of the "cuttings" started bearing fruit. I found this delightful and interesting, as the parent plant had never grown any fruit in all the years I've owned it (since my childhood). Now a year on, the "cutting" is still producing fruit like crazy, while the twin hasn't produced a single one.

They are both still approximately the same size when it comes to foliage and height, except the fruit-bearing one has a much thinner trunk. Maybe half the diameter of the one without fruit.

With all that background information, here are a couple of questions:

1. What could have triggered one of them to suddenly bear fruit?
2. Is there any way to make it stop? It's been going on for a year now, and while initially very welcome, it's clear that the growing of fruit is using a lot of energy which could be used to develop the trunk instead.

Thanks in advance


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